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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


MasyaAllah... its been awhile since my last update lah... Hahaha. Time flies so fast, dat each day I ended up too shag to update stuffs here. Routine were as usual but due to my son is now in Primary 4, so no more relaxing time for him n for me. Strictly every day 2 hrs tuition. I know it seems too early to 'bootcamped' him b4 he is due for his PSLE/UPSR. But if u dun start now, u can never keep track with the momento of P5 n P6. 

Routine for me are as per normal during the A.M. Settling the dirty laundry, vacumming the house, bath lil Qis, cooking b4 hub went to work, feed lil Qis lunch, once son comes back from school to prepare him lunch, while i rest fr awhile, once daughter comes back from school to prepare her lunch, help w son's homework, den start tuition for 2 hrs....... etc etc etc... it goes on n on n on until bedtime when I finally get some rest n a light sleep cos lil Qis will wakes up fr her milk. Den back to square one when I woke up at 5 am again....... I dun have to go to the gym to keep me fit u know.. Ha ha Ha..... The whole day job for me has already kept me handful.

Here, I have only abt 5 mins to spare... lol.... Till we see each other again..... 

XOXO..... cheers...:)