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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Extremely Hot Wednesday

Whoaahh!!! Its been rather quite a while since my last update. Bz .. bz... bz... till i totally forget abt updating here. Anyway, life is as usual...same routine... same chaos... rather boring tho.. ha ha ha. Qis has started to crawl all over the house... yes..i repeat myself, ALL OVER THE HOUSE...!!! She has also started to eat 3 meals per day... (urrghh..im dead tired). Diyan has been really bz preparing herself for her UPSR... sooooonnnnnn, reallllll soooonnnn..... danish is his usual self, come back frm school, no homework, cartoon all the way.... Hub is also with his usual routine to n fro to Cyberjaya to work.

Ohh by the way, i nearly forgot abt this... an incident that happened to my dear Diyan. It was just 2 days ago... Monday, as usual both kids went to school n came back as usual too except for Diyan cos she has her weekly remedial in school. Usually she will reach home b4 5pm. But on that unfortunate day, I waited for her till 5 but she is still not back yet... The clock strikes 5.20pm n I saw a blue car had just parked in front of my front gate. Diyan went out of the car... I wondered for awhile as to why didn't she take the school van back??

With tears in her eyes, she told me the whole story. It begins like this. The bus lady sent the last student back home n then stopped the engine n went out of the van leaving just my Diyan in the unlocked van. (It is usual for Diyan to be the last person to be drop off). She waited for awhile with lots of wonders in her head..."SHUD I JUST STAY N WAIT FR THE BUS LADY?? DID SHE FORGET ABT ME BEING IN THE VAN? IS SHE COMING BACK OR WAT? SHUD I JUST WALK BACK HOME??" These were the thoughts of my dear 12-yr-old girl. Ended up, aft waiting fr quite a while, she decided to walk back home...(dats abt 20-30mins walking distance) As she was walking, her friend who was in her mom's car, saw my girl n asked her mom to stop. So to cut the whole story short, Diyan's fren's mom lended her helping hand to send my girl back.

After listening to wat had happened, I was in my boiling top... Wat an irresponsible lady!!! Immediately I called up hubby to get the lady's number. I didnt get the number till the next day. She called us up n apologised. I was in a very angry at the same time upset of wat had happened. I gave her a piece of my mind. (U wont want to know how boiled i was). 

The lady was asked by my kids actual school bus driver to help them to send all the remedial students back home. N now, I've just got another story that the wife of my kids actual bus driver gave an unhappy tone to my girl.. bloody hell her... doesnt know the whole story n yet wants to make noise abt me scolding the van lady... Wat The Fish!!! ... Im gonna give my piece of 'nice piece of lullaby' to her tomorrow. I hate it when a person, doesnt know the whole story, n yet wants to make the whole story like as if my girl is at fault. I believe if she were in my shoes, she will be as unhappy as me... 

People can see me smiling.. n laughing away.. but there's a saying "dun disturb a tiger who's sleeping..." hahahaha... 

For now, Im still at my boiling point.. not cooled yet... hopefully aft having a cup of nice cold ice lemon tea, i'll soothe down... lets hope so... :P