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Sunday, May 29, 2011

An extremely hot Sunday

Today, already sunday. Hmmpphh..!!! Goodness goodness.

Anyway, whole day at home today. Morning cleared off all dirty laundries. Once done, rush to cook as Danish suddenly wasnt well last nite. He had a very bad cough n a slight asthma. At abt 9.30pm, everyone except hub went to bed early. Nearly abt midnite, was awaken by Danish n was told he felt like vomiting. Brought him to the loo, n yes he did vomit a little. Rubbed him some medicated oil n put him to bed. I couldnt sleep as my mind was thinking of him if he's feeling alright. Half of my mind was with him n half of it was w Qis sleeping in her cot.

Feeling restless n uneasy, i got up to see if he is alright. There i saw him in the toilet just done w washing his mouth. I asked if he did vomit. N yes he did... on his bed!!! Yess... u read it right. On his bed!! In the middle of the night, there i was, scooping his vomit w some wipes n clearing his 'stuffs'. That's wat mothers are for. Lol.

Anyway, aft clearing, i put more medicated oil to his tummy n placed him to bed again. Told him if he wanted to vomit or already vomited, wake his sister up n asked her to wake me up.

At that time its already abt 1 plus. Made some milk for Qis n gave her while she was still sleeping. Can u imagine, sleeping n at the same time drinking milk... hahahaha.. i wonder how babies are able to do dat. U try it urself now n u definitely will choke hahahaha.

Once she finished her milk, i then tried to get some sleep. But still cudnt, still worrying abt Danish. I finally went into slumber at i dun know wat time, i woke up at abt 4 for Qis milk time AGAIN. Right aft she's done, i quickly went back to sleep.. really droopping n puffy eyes at that time, i cudnt seems to get my eyelid open..lol.

At abt 6.30am was awaken by my alarm. Thanks to the alarm for not giving me more sleep. Got up, woke the kids up n get done with my prayer. Thought of getting back to get more sleep, but cudnt. My mind was filled with so much housechores to do. Started to take my bath and get done with all the chores.

Now if u ask me, i wanted that nice deep slumber.. i wish. was so sleepy early but cudnt sleep as the kids are up n hub's not home yet. I think all mums are like this. Sacrifices.. lots n lots of sacrifices....

Well, im done for the time being rite now. Gonna go get ready.. waiting fr hub to come back to buy some medications for myself n Danish. Will continue again tomorrow..... Adiosss....