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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday again already......

Now, its 7.51am here. Weather seems its gonna rain soon. But its a very very verrrrryyyyyy nice weather. Cooling, yes it is. I simply love this weather, well who doesn't rite?? Anyway, Im done w part of my housework. Now waiting for the washing machine to be done with. 2 kids out to school already. Last day of their exam n also school term. Next 2 wks will be a school holiday for Danish. Dian will still need to go to school for her remedial abt a wk n then 1 wk break for her to relax a bit. Qis & hubby is still sleeping. Yes, just me awake now. Wanted to go back to sleep with this great weather... ha ha i wish!!!

Hub is in the aftnoon shift today. And guess wat... tomorrow's weekend again.. YEAY!!! Lol. Everybody loves the weekends... hahahaha.

Im currently planning on doing something small which will eventually turn big hopefully. Insyaallah if God permits. Will talk abt it once its progressing.

Tomorrow wont be able to add in here as schedule will be pack. Morning out to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 n off to visit father in law in the hospital. To the hospital, that will be abt 2-3 hrs journey.. Long isnt it..

Whoah!!! Its beginning to rain now.. n heavily. I better go upstairs to accompany Qis just in case if there's lightning n thunder. Wont want her to get shock while she sleeps.