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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

~ A Long Story Cut Short ~

Subhanallah... Its been like a month since my last post.. Have been really bz dat time due to my lil one was unwell.. den right aft she got well, we're already back in Singapore during the school holidays. While Im in Singapore, also able to post any nonsenses cos of my lil one is already in the stage of walking on her own. So most of the time was taken by her. LOL. 
I was back in KL again since last nite.. Was on the 9.45pm flight which was delayed till 10.15pm. Nothing serious, just a bz nite in Singapore Changi Airport dat we have to wait even to be taxied out.. Passengers are all on time, plane door shut at 10pm but since we were the no.6 to be given the permission to fly, we simply have to sit down in the aircraft with boredom. Even Qis couldnt sit still.. she stood, she wanted to get down n walked around but was restricted by ME, of course!! Only when the plane started to move fast in ready to fly, den only dat Qis kept still as she sucked her pacifier.. Thinking of flying again .. hmmm im thinking twice.. Qis isnt the lil-can-keep-still-while-in-the-plane anymore.. even in the boarding gate, she got down to walk here n there... hahahaha.. but it was a good progress in fact dat she is not walking alone most of the time compare to crawling moments... 
So back to the time of departure, abt 10.30pm we were finally on air and only arrived in KLIA LCCT at 11.15pm.. dats a half an hr delayed... and i visualized hub's long face..hahahha cos he hates to wait. Thanks Allah dat the immigration part went thru smoothly.. not packed at all.. it was just us on flight. As i headed to the baggage claim, I saw all the baggages were all done. So straight to my 2 luggages and out we went to look for hub.
Yups, he was already there.. waiting for us patiently.. once he saw us, he got so excited .. hahah... nearly 1 month we're away frm him.. and dat will be definitely the last time Im gonna leave my home alone as it is... too much things to do once Im back.. cleaning up the house.. u shud know if a man is left in a house alone.. they can definitely NOT be like a woman handling the house...
Oh well... Im all shag now.. gonna go get ready to be in bed... Goodnitez all... Hear from me soon ya... hehehehhe Muacckkk muaccckkkk !!!!