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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its Been Awhile...

Wow...!!! Goodness me.. its been awhile since I last updated my bloggie. Been bz gila lah. Most of my time are dedicated to my little princess... the little princess dats been so grumpy lately. Anyway, today at this moment, im done with all housework including cooking. Thank God!! Now my little princess can have all my attention to her.

My eldest is having her chicken pox now. So she will be out frm school for abt 2 wks. Still on recovery rite now tho. I advice jer to keep revising her studies as she will be having her exams on the 8th March n lots of tests n exams coming b4 the final hurdle PSLE for her. May she succeed with flying colours.

Danish went to school as usual. Hopefully, he wont get the chicken pox yet now. Wont want it to pass to Qis tho.

Hub is on aftnoon shift this week. 2 more weeks n then we will be back in Singapore for a short holiday. That will be the trip back before the next trip in Nov.